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Armageddon wasn’t a figment of some ancient society’s imagination. It isn’t centuries away, either. It’s on our doorstep. And our fate hinges on a young, overlooked angel who is desperate to prove her worth to Heaven and herself.


A Guardian Angel, Andrea, journeys to Earth on a mission to find the key to winning the final battle between good and evil. She enlists the help of James, an embattled veteran who is dealing with his own demons from the past. With threats—both human and supernatural—at seemingly every turn, the repercussions of James and Andrea’s alliance is far beyond what they bargained for.

James’ life would be so much simpler if his path diverged from Andrea’s. But he can’t shake the feeling that the impending battle is not only about settling the eons-old score between Heaven and Hell, but also for the rights to his world. Matters are further complicated when he and Andrea discover that she is not merely a chess piece but a central player in the looming apocalypse.

Time is running out, and the stakes have never been higher. Earth is the prize. The angels already had their turn, and so has mankind. Who’s next?   

Armageddon is here. Demons plague our realm while Heaven waits for the perfect opportunity to strike and claim Earth for themselves. Unique among celestials, the Nephilim, Andrea, is the only being standing between humanity and certain doom.


Tortured by a great loss, she strives to right the wrongs of the past, protect those she loves and establish a new balance of power on Earth. However, her own demons and doubts, coupled with the secrets and betrayal lurking at seemingly every turn, make her task more daunting.


Her enemies, the Fallen, are cunning, ruthless and formidable as they strike at her mind, might and heart. Their machinations and her thirst for vengeance drive her down a path that could spell the end for Andrea and consequently, the human race. Only with the aid of her friends and some unlikely allies can she hope to survive the snares of a post-apocalyptic world. But can she rebuild her trust in others and herself in time to fulfill her destiny as Earth’s Champion?



Note from the Author: This book contains some grueling realities of an imagined war between man and celestials. Dark themes associated with loss, grief and coping mechanisms are featured as this tale unfolds.



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