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Keepers & Destinies: Book One


Guardian Angel, Andrea, teams with a tortured veteran, James, on a Heaven-ordained mission to find a prophet who holds the keys to Heaven’s victory in the prophesized Armageddon. Their quest unleashes a slew of earthly and supernatural challenges that end up strengthening Andrea’s burgeoning empath abilites and her growing bond with James.

Upon finding the prophet, they learn of a prophecy that foretells Andrea’s pivotal role in jumpstarting the apocalypse. An ensuing supernatural assault leaves no time to process this information as Andrea and James are thrust into a battle for their lives. The fight triggers Andrea’s latent powers which result in the destruction of Anthem, the closest city to the battle.

Haunted by guilt, Andrea remains on Earth to help rebuild the city of Anthem. The few survivors and the others helping with the rebuilding process form a colony on the hills south of Anthem. The group is monikered the Hillers. During her self-imposed banishment from Heaven, Andrea forges a relationship with Gianna, a friend who provides a shoulder to lean on through Andrea’s emotional turmoil. She also meets a formidable god, Billy, who is really Beelzebub, Lucifer’s son. He informs her of her true origins as a Nephilim and brings color to the recently unearthed memories of her past life—a life that was brutally ended by the angels of Heaven in a divinely sanctioned slaughter of all Nephilims on Earth. He plants seeds of doubt that deal permanent blows to her hitherto unshakable faith in Heaven.

Andrea, underestimating the threat Billy presents, leaves him on the hill as she ventures to rekindle her friendship with James. Billy uses this time to trick the majority of the Hillers into being possessed by the demons, thus freeing a sizeable portion of Lucifer’s army from Hell. Andrea and James return to the hill to battle Billy and his army of daevatropes and werebeasts. This time, they receive some angelic assistance from the Cherub, Vara, and a handful of Heaven’s Princes. Andrea defeats Billy, but her victory comes at a price—her return to Heaven to face judgement for the devastation she’d wrought on Anthem.

With Andrea in Heaven, Billy uses his agents, Aiden and the Four Winds, to wreck havoc on James' personal life, putting his loved ones, Erin and Nicholas in danger. The Archangel Michael intervenes, saving James and ending Billy’s schemes. Michael persuades a supernaturally enhanced James to journey to Hell and battle Billy in hopes of retrieving Michael’s sword—the strongest weapon in creation. James retrieves the sword but not without sustaining a mortal injury at the Billy’s hands. Andrea arrives in time to receive the sword from James as he ebbs out of existence.

Maddened and distraught, Andrea wages a final assault on Billy and defeats him in full view of his father. Lucifer offers a truce; Billy’s life for his permanent surrender. The Sons of God accept Lucifer’s offer and order Andrea to spare Billy. Andrea, having discovered Heaven’s plot to destroy her all along because of her true origins, defies the Sons of God and kills Billy with Michael’s sword.

Andrea’s rebellion against Heaven, and her murder of Lucifer’s son causes the armies of Heaven and Hell to unite against her. Armed with Michael’s sword, her own formidable powers, and a rage that craves to be satiated, she offers any angels of Heaven a chance to join her or face her uninhibited fury.

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